April 29, 2009

Somehow I have not killed the chives, despite dropping the pot on its head (see my prior post here).  Seems these plants really want to live–they figured out which way was down and up in their new home.  Most of the sprouts have now opened up.  I hardly know what to expect true leaves to look like on these guys.  They are apparently “monocots” rather than “dicots”; a term I vaguely remember from 8th grade biology.  Monocots have one seed leaf, dicots have two.  I’ve been putting them outside as much as possible so they don’t suffer from whatever it is inside that has made the other herb seedlings so miserable.

Chives April 28

Chives April 28

I’ve put the mint pot and the thyme pot out as well.  I’m hoping they aren’t too stunted from their time indoors to take off now.  I’m not so worried about the mint–if it’s so invasive, I figure it will manage to overcome a bad beginning if conditions are right.  The thyme doesn’t look great, but it’s not leggy nor is dead.  (Both in fact are so short–I wonder if that means something bad too?).  The microgreens are leggy, I’m pretty sure, but the color is great and some are starting to develop buds of true leaves.  Hopefully the sun will do the trick for these guys too.

Microgreens April 28

Microgreens April 28

Yesterday I also received my Egyptian Onions from Om via a swap on folia.  I planted them in a large plastic pot, just under the soil and 2 inches apart.  I didn’t get in quite as many as I’d hoped, and had a lot leftover.  I pushed some in to the mulched foundation bed around the house to see what happens–not sure if it’s sunny enough there (I’m still observing sun patterns in the backyard), or even if the soil is right, but why not experiment a little.  I had plenty extra so I gave these to a co-worker who is a gardening expert–I didn’t even have to explain to her what Egyptian onions were (they are a bit unique, see here and here).  I told her she’ll have to give me a few to taste if I kill all mine.  

So that’s two members of the onion family so far–and I’m certainly planning on trying some garlic in the fall.

Egyptian onions just sown

Egyptian onions just sown

This morning they already looked like they had even grown a little compared to the picture below.  I worried I had handled the stalks a little too much while planting but they seem OK.  They also seem to have survived the trip up from Kansas quite well, so now I guess it’s just up to me!

Egyptian onions closeup

Egyptian onions closeup


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    ap269 said,

    Wow, these Egyptian onions look spacy.

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